Top innovators from our hospitals join for first Brilliant Conference, Innovative thinkers are invited to share their ideas and experience in health and healthcare at The Brilliant Conference 2015, hosted by the Hospital Intellectual Property (IP) Group.

Held at the Royal North Shore Hospital this September 14 in Sydney, the one-day event brings together thinkers from all backgrounds to focus on hospital innovations and their commercialisation.

The Brilliant Conference combines inspiring presentations, challenging discussion, brilliant case studies, a bright ideas e-trade showcase, awards and a twilight reception.

It will also feature two disruptive, and very different new Australian-grown technologies: a global, big-data platform (launching on the day), and Besrehab’s Exoflex™ Hand Therapy & Assessment Device: an innovative exoskeleton glove to aid rehabilitation (demonstrating the new prototype). Chairman Dr Deborah Kuchler says The Brilliant Conference builds on Hospital & Health Services IP’s former international conference and will demystify the hospital IP commercialisation journey.

“At Hospital & Health Services IP we are lucky enough to encounter many of the brilliant minds and bright ideas out there and so we wanted to bring them together.

“Despite all the uncertainty: the commercialisation journey doesn’t have to be so daunting or mysterious.

“Brilliant ideas and real innovations do find their way to market, and there are specific steps and techniques that really help.

“We will be showcasing some wonderful success stories and inspiring lessons at the conference.

“The Brilliant Conference is a meeting place and showcase for sharing valuable knowledge. It’s a carefully curated day of inspiration and challenging discussion among our brilliant thinkers.”

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