What is a Material Transfer Agreement? (MTA)

A material transfer agreement allows researchers to:

  • Send materials to colleagues or another institution, outside of your organisation
  • Receive materials from colleagues or another institution, outside of your organisation

Why do I need an MTA?

MTAs protect researchers at your organisation by:

  • Defining the material being transferred and to be used
  • Setting the rules about how the materials will be used and distributed
  • Setting a process and/or rules for managing IP rights and publications based on the use of materials
If you need an MTA please contact us. Under no circumstances should a researcher sign an MTA. An MTA is a legal document only to be signed by a delegated signatory of your organisation.

How long does it take for the us to negotiate an MTA?

The amount of time it takes our team to compile a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) depends on the complexity of the agreement; whether the parties have previously done business; the complexity of the negotiation process; and, the responsiveness of the scientific teams involved. As a general guideline, MTA’s take about twenty-five hours of work over three weeks to get fully signed off.

For more information, please contact Dr Christine Davis on 0458 417 408..