Your Lightbulb Moment

As a highly trained staff member in a health service facility, you work in an innovation conducive environment for improving your area of service. Your idea can become intellectual property, as well as a life changing product or service.

1. Zip your lips

Until you know exactly what type of intellectual property you are dealing with, it’s best not to tell the whole world. You can risk giving someone else your bright idea.

2. et in touch with the your local Hospital & Health Services IP Team

We’ll assess your idea and guide you through the next steps.

3. Write it down

It’s easy to forget those important details later. Jot down it’s purpose and any other crucial details, big and small. Some of the greatest inventors kept a notepad on them at all times – including by the bedside table!

4. What is already out there?

Do some research into what similar products are available in Australia and worldwide. A simple Google search is a sufficient starting point. Not only will this give you more information about existing products you may have encountered in your work, but it will alert you to similar ideas in other parts of Australia or globally.

5. What problem is your idea solving?

Is it speeding up or simplifying a process, does it provide greater accuracy or is it the first of its kind? Get very clear on exactly what makes your idea better than what is already out there. Record this research and share it with the Office of Commercialisation.