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Dr Deborah Kuchler

Executive Chairman


Dr Kuchler is a company director, technology entrepreneur and policy development strategist, working most recently in pioneering the uptake of innovation produced within our Australian hospitals. As Executive Chairman of Hospital & Health Services Intellectual Property Ltd, comprising of six companies whose mission is to develop and promote hospital intellectual property, Dr Kuchler is responsible for leading a team which delivers its work through Intellectual Property Offices or Offices of Commercialisation located inside hospitals in NSW, ACT and QLD. Since 2001, the Hospital & Health Services IP team have developed and built comprehensive IP management systems that have managed more than 10,000 hospital practice improvement projects and more than $50million in revenue from IP productisations, commercialisations and industry partnerships. Prior to working in the health sector, Deborah pioneered the technology transfer and development of the high tech satellite imaging industry in Australasia. Deborah’s satellite image mapping company commercialised its own satellite technology intellectual property with applications in space technology, agriculture, engineering, marine sciences market sectors. The company worked extensively overseas transferring the technology to Defence and other government sectors in all the ASEAN countries. This technology is now applied in all digital medical imagery. Earlier in her career, Deborah was employed as a scientist for Australia’s eminent scientific research organisation, CSIRO working in a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional team on satellite imaging projects. Deborah has worked extensively overseas and has close professional links with organisations in UK and USA. She has a rare ability to work in and understand the public and private sectors and her expertise has been acknowledged by appointments to more than 43 Ministerial, Government Advisory Boards Councils and IP Research Institutes. Deborah currently holds directorships on seven company boards.

AIPPI Member – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property


Since 1992, Hospital & Health Services IP Ltd has managed and commercialised a comprehensive range of Knowledge Contracts and IP Assets involving more than 6,000 hospital practice and patient care improvement projects which have returned more than $75 million in revenue from IP productization, commercialisation and industry partnerships across four states in Australia. We have utilised a proprietary software system to carry out this work and to make our workflow resources efficient and effective. For more information, please request a copy of our most recent quarterly report.




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