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Ms Jessica Beange

journalist, writer and public relations professional


Jessica Beange is a journalist, writer and public relations professional with fifteen years' experience in the media, business, government and community sectors. She has worked on the creative design and materials, strategic planning and implementation of many successful campaigns with national and international reach.

Jessica is a 'systems thinker’ in the space of reaching and communicating with your audience, partners and users. She is multi-lingual and a voice of many voices - meaning she listens and speaks through a kaleidoscope of many perspectives. She has a passion for innovation and science, and much of her work has been in translating scientific, technical or jargon-heavy language into news, materials and documents that reach and explain relevance to people affected and interested. She enjoys mentoring teams and individuals in the process of seeking or understanding their audience, feeding that perspective into product design, telling their story, engaging their users and announcing their news.

Jessica is experienced in print, online and broadcast journalism, writing, editing, strategy, stakeholder engagement, creative work, marketing campaigns, advertising, copywriting, grant writing, events management, public relations, launch strategy and communications mentorship. Her creative, positive approach and keen attention to detail has lent to the successful launch, journey, revival and expansion of tech Startups, government initiatives, community projects, major business ventures and health innovations.


Since 1992, Hospital & Health Services IP Ltd has managed and commercialised a comprehensive range of Knowledge Contracts and IP Assets involving more than 6,000 hospital practice and patient care improvement projects which have returned more than $75 million in revenue from IP productization, commercialisation and industry partnerships across four states in Australia. We have utilised a proprietary software system to carry out this work and to make our workflow resources efficient and effective. For more information, please request a copy of our most recent quarterly report.




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